Hair extensions

Hair extensions are a specialty service that our stylists perform, and their years of training and attention to detail ensure that each client leaves with an individualized look.

Hair Extensions are made of 100% European Human Hair of the highest quality available.
We also use the highest quality hair from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia. This hair is in high demand and is available in every color, texture, and combination of colors.

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Hair extensions are great for giving you instant length and volume to your natural hair. But what if you have thin hair? There is a concern that by wearing hair extensions, you may damage your hair.
However there is a solution for thin hair.


Micro-Invisible with non-damaging attachment.
A new look on the capsule technology.
Since the size of the capsules is important, especially for the customer, wer has developed micro capsules. The smaller the capsule the more comfortable and confident the woman wearing them feels.
You’ll be happy to know that now we also provide very tiny attachments. Just imagine how thin and completely flat capsules are going to be.

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Hair extensions is recommended for those who:

  • has short hair
  • if you want to make longer your bang
  • just for your own peace of mind that no one will notice that you made hair extensions
  • micro hair extensions is more suitable for you if you have thick or medium volume hair

Micro hair extensions is not recommended:

  • if you have hairloss problem
  • your hair is weak and thin

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